We are a group of students with a passion for programming, which was actually our plan for the future. Despite the huge love for computer games, we never wanted to work in this industry. We have always thought it is a bit overrated because the majority of players wanted to try themselves in that. Our work began with a school project for programming classes. The goal was to create a simple computer game, but we took it a little too seriously and that led us here. It turned out that we were mistaken; putting together both of our passions really fits us, so we decided to continue. Shortly after that a third member joined us. He is our friend from school and he is interested in graphics. This is only our beginning and we really hope we will have an opportunity to bring all of our ideas on your computer screens!


Adrian Waltrowski, Łukasz Tabaczkiewicz, Szymon Nowacki


Latest news are being published at: facebook.com/ourloop, if you want to contact us, feel free to write an e-mail: contact@ourloopgames.com


We are currently working on Further Away and CRAZY MAZE. You can read more about them below.